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Deliver Maximum Return on Your Investment

Not all real estate agents understand how investor's needs differ from a normal home buyer. As an investor myself, I understand buying a rental or flip property is different from a couple looking for a home to raise their family, and I can help with the whole process including finding local partners like a property manager, a tax specialist, and/or lender to service your unique needs. I understand rental management and leasing and have years of experience helping local and international investors buy and manage 100s of residential investment properties throughout Central Florida. This industry experience translates to better insights for you on rental activity in local neighborhoods to help you find the best areas to invest in. I am a specialized investor's agent who is familiar with all the ins and outs of the property investing, leasing and flipping business to help you find your next investment property.

Know The Market

I can provide many resources and sources of information that can be useful for your next rental or flip. Some of these things are the latest industry indicators like the most accurate and up-to-date market comps or listings that aren't widely available yet so you get to know about the best deals first. I hunt for any other information and resources that you need and is not readily available to eliminate all major unknowns in your investment.

An Experienced Investor Agent is a Valuable Long-Term Resource

As an investor's agent, my work doesn't end once you close a deal. I work to build a strong long-term relationship with all my investors so I can assist with all your real estate and property management needs. Working with an investor-friendly real estate agent will save you both time and money and offer access to some of the best deals you might not be able to get on your own. Call me to see how I can help you grow your Florida real estate portfolio.


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Potential for high cash flow yields through monthly rental income. Long-term rentals are in high demand in Florida and as property expenses like insurance, property taxes and HOA dues rise. Annual leases allow landlords offset some of these increasing property expenses by increasing the rental rate each renewal to make sure the property remains profitable in the short and long run.


As the saying goes Location, Location, Location! If you buy a property in an appreciating area, the longer you hold the property the more the property value grows over time.


Owners are allowed to depreciate real estate as the property experiences "real life" building depreciation over time. Also investment properties allow owners to carry losses forward, which can be a lucrative strategy to lower your taxes. I am not a licensed tax specialist. Speak to your Tax or Accounting Advisor for more information on this.


A mortgage is backed by a physical asset (the property) which makes it easier for lenders to borrow money to purchase real estate. Each lender has different requirements for the down payment, terms and rates based on your income and financial position, so it is highly recommended to shop around different lenders to see which one bank or lender best suits what you are looking for.


When you buy an investment property, over time you build equity by paying down the loan (if a loan is taken) and by updating the property with new appliances, new HVAC, roof, etc. Property upgrades build equity for owners which are usually realized once the property is sold.